Arbohaus (Cantercel, France)

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Access Plan

access plan

Arrival by car

The arrival is possible by the highway A75 respectively by the A9. Select on one of the 4 equivalent accesses:

  • From North when coming from Clermont-Ferrand - Millau (A75), take exit “le Caylar” and follow the road to St. Pierre-de-la-Fage and la Vacquérie.
  • From South when coming from Montpellier (A9) by exit “Montpellier Ouest” on the A75 in direction of Millau. Take exit Gignac and follow the road to Montpeyroux, Arboras and the pass “Col du vent”. The road D9 leads to the plateau. After 3 km turn left at the sign “Cantercel”.
  • From West, if you take the exit Lodève Nord on highway A75. Take the road to Soubès and St.Pierre-de-la-Fage, on the plateau and continue to “la Vacquerie”. Go South on D9 and after 3 km turn right at the sign “Cantercel”.
  • From East, if you take the exit ”Nîmes Quest” on highway A9. Follow the road in direction to “le Vigan”, turn left in Ganges and follow the valley of the river Vis to St. Maurice le Navacelles and la Vacquerie. Go South on D9 and after 3 km turn right at the sign “Cantercel”.

The access road from D9 (there is a sign “Cantercel” on the junction) to the house is a one line asphalt road over 3 km. As soon as you see the first house (green roof), follow the road on your left and turn right in the first hairpin turn. After 20 m you will arrive on the parking place, the house is just behind.

Arrival by train

The closest train station is in Montpellier. 200 m from the train station is bus station, where buses leave regularly for Gignac or even better for Lodève. From there you have to go by car to drive the last 25 km to Cantercel. So you need somebody to pick you up or a taxi.